What Social Media should I use for presenting my work or for blogging?

1. Use what is better adapted for your job or specialisation, target audience.

2. WordPress is a very good content management platform. You can insert categories and keywords for each post. It is friendly by the search engines. https://wordpress.com

3. Medium is a simpler and easy to use blogging platform. You can tag each post with keywords. https://medium.com

4. Behance is ideal for web designers where they can present samples of their work. https://www.behance.net

5. Gitbub is ideal for web developers where they can present their code. https://github.com

6. Tumblr has rich embeded content capacities that suit for blogging. http://tumblr.com

7. 500px is ideal for amateurs of photography. You can tag every photo with keywords. https://500px.com

8. Ello is ideal for presenting Gifs or animated images. https://ello.co

9. angel.co is ideal for startups and for job posting. https://angel.co

10. f6s is also ideal for startups and for job posting. http://www.f6s.com

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