What Social Media should I use for presenting my work or for blogging?

1. Use what is better adapted for your job or specialisation, target audience.

2. WordPress is a very good content management platform. You can insert categories and keywords for each post. It is friendly by the search engines. https://wordpress.com

3. Medium is a simpler and easy to use blogging platform. You can tag each post with keywords. https://medium.com

4. Behance is ideal for web designers where they can present samples of their work. https://www.behance.net

5. Gitbub is ideal for web developers where they can present their code. https://github.com

6. Tumblr has rich embeded content capacities that suit for blogging. http://tumblr.com

7. 500px is ideal for amateurs of photography. You can tag every photo with keywords. https://500px.com

8. Ello is ideal for presenting Gifs or animated images. https://ello.co

9. angel.co is ideal for startups and for job posting. https://angel.co

10. f6s is also ideal for startups and for job posting. http://www.f6s.com

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I am looking for and I am evaluating projects involved in the Social Media, UX design and Community Management through experiments and initiatives. Social Media Management, Content Management, UX design, Web design, Web Management, Digital Strategy, Reputation Management, Storytelling. I am always looking for new opportunities or projects. You can find me here: https://socialconsulting.gr https://athanassioskollyris.wordpress.com My areas of operation are the Social Media Management, UX design, Web & Community Management. I speak the user language.
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